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Actuated Valves Cepex Extreme Ball Valve Series

Actuated Valves Cepex Extreme Ball Valve Series

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European manufacturer of high quality industrial plastic valves - Cepex Extreme Series

Cepex Extreme Series Actuated Ball Valves

Cepex Extreme ball valves can be actuated in house using either electric actuators or pneumatic actuators. All actuated valves will be fully assembled and tested in house using the Cepex extreme actuation kits.

The electric actuated valve packages would utilise one of our 3 core brand of electric actuators depending on the customers requirements. We have actuators suitable for on off function, modulating, failsafe, high speed, BUS communication and we can also offer ATEX approved electric actuators. 

For pneumatic actuated valves, we can offer either spring return or double acting actuators via our CHCN brand. We can also offer from stock, limit switchboxes, namur solenoids and electro pneumatic positioners. 

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