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ATEX Approved Valve Actuator

ATEX Approved Valve Actuator

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A leading supplier of electric and pneumatic actuators, Offering ATEX approved electric actuators for Hazardous Area applications.

Explosion Prood EX Rated Electric Actuators

Here you will find a selection of ATEX approved electric actuators. The range includes actuators from Valpes. The following products are available from the UK with quick delivery times. Our ATEX actuator offers a number of features over the other actuators listed on our site including an explosion proof housing for hazardous applications, aluminum housing and a high torque output range.

The Valpes actuator also offers its own advantages mainly being the ATEX approved VRX and VSX ranges. The Valpes ATEX approved actuator is generally available within 7-10 working days from the factory in France.

Should you have an application today which states the actuator needs to be aluminum housed or IP67 / IP68, explosion proof or fully ATEX approved for hazardous area applications, call us today to obtain a quotation. We can supply the HQ range of actuators and VALPES range of ATEX actuators either as loose actuators for your to fit to your valves or assembled and dry bench function tested.


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