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J4CS J+J Electric Actuator

J4CS J+J Electric Actuator

J+J Actuated Industrial Ball Valves

J+J J4CS Electric Actuators from one of Europe's leading Electric Actuator manufacturer, J+J offers multi voltage, multi function On-Off, Modulating and Fail-Safe actuators. Quality from Spain.

J4CS Multi-Voltage Electric Actuators From J+J Automation

J4CS actuator from J+J - The newest electric actuator from J+J, now features a brushless motor. Available from stock at All Valves Online - The largest UK stockist of the J+J range.


Brand new series from the globally known and trusted manufacturer of electric actuators, J+J. The Spanish manufacturer has launched its new series, J4C as part of a continued development program of its actuators.

The J4C claims that Smart just got even Smarter. With its Brushless motor and Bluetooth capabilities, it adds its smart features to the already impressive J3CS feature list. The J3CS was introduced a few years ago but the new J4C looks to add features that the customers have been asking for. J4C once again uses the patent pending universal voltage supply 24-240V as part of an auto voltage sensing system within the actuators. Electronic Torque Limiter, plug and play failsafe conversion kits make a return again with the J4C series, offering a torque output range of 20Nm to 300Nm, the J4C is sure to be well received.

All Valves Online have been selling J+J electric actuators since 2012 and have easily become the biggest re-seller of the J+J actuators in the UK and Ireland with 1000s of actuators sold each year. Stocked here in Pershore in the UK, the J+J actuator range can be shipped anywhere in the world at very competitive pricing.

The J4CS Actuator Accepts 24-240VDC/ VAC 50/60Hz (-0/+5%) external power range


  • Brushless motor technology
  • Electronic torque limiter
  • 75% Duty rating
  • External DIN plug electrical connections
  • Thermostatic anti-condensation heater
  • Robust IP67 housing
  • Dome local high visibility position indicator
  • 2 Volt free end of travel confirmation switches
  • Hand-wheel operated manual override - Declutchable
  • CE Marked and EU made by ISO9001 manufacturer

Brushless Motor

The brushless motor if far more robust in damp or humid conditions compared to the J3C, resulting in an dramatic increase to the expected lifespan of the actuator, as a result JJBCN now offer a 3 year warranty (from date of shipment or 60,000 cycles, whichever first).


The J4CS also supports the Modbus communications protocol used by other electric actuators, making it far more compatible with existing infrastructures.

Modbus, a serial communications protocol originally published by Schneider Electric in 1979, is now a protocol commonly used to connect IoT devises as it enables communication among many devices (up to 254) connected to the same network.


A Bluetooth controller is now included on the main board of the J4CS Actuator as standard, which will allow the J4CS to be controlled via a smartphone app; the app is expected to be released early 2020 and will allow an engineer to interact with the actuator without the need to remove the housing.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology using 2.4 to 2.485 GHz and functions as a replacement to RS-232 data cables. Bluetooth is a packet-based protocol with a master/slave architecture in wich all devices share the master's clock.

Options and Variations

The J+J J4C-S range of electric actuators are available as power open and power closed (On/Off), or they can be fitted with a battery fail-safe system (BSR), to close (or open) the actuator apon the loss of external power, They can also be fitted with a digital positioning system (DPS) module, to modulate to position of the actuator to an input of 4-20mA or 0-10V

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