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Actuated Axial Flow Valve

Actuated Axial Flow Valve

Genebre Actuated Industrial Axial Shuttle Valves

Global brand of pneumatic axial flow valves in stainless steel to provide a compact single acting control valve that can be controlled pneumatically or electrically via a Namur solenoid valve.


Genebre Pneumatic Axial Flow Valves in Stainless Steel

The 304SS Genebre 5062 axial flow valve offers the most compact pneumatic control valve possible, with the air control components and fluid flow components housed within a single body. The Genebre axial flow valve can be supplied with either BSP or NPT female end connections, 

The all stainless steel construction Genebre axial control valve has an internal air operated cone that allows the fluid to flow past it in the open position, but blocks the fluid flow in the closed position. A Namur interface allows a Namur solenoid valve to be direct mounted to the Genebre axial valve to enable the air operated axial flow valve to be controlled electrically.

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Function: Single acting NC (air open, spring close).

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