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Payment Methods


Many ways to trade with us, and its easy! 

Here at All Valves Online Ltd we can accept most major credit cards for our online payments. All of our online payments are taken via Sage Pay. Part of a World Pay, the transaction is carried out off site and secures your payment against any fraud. As part of the online payment system, you will be taken to secure off site processing page which is part of SagePay's secure payment system. Online payments are designed for customers wanting to purchase online, either as an express checkout or as a returning customer. 

We can also accept payment by Bank Transfer for customers that want to order from us but not order online or not order using a credit card. If you are outside the UK, you might want to contact our sales team and request a Proforma Invoice. The option of buying via the issuing of a Proforma Invoice will allow you purchase the goods in GBP, Euro or US Dollar. Please speak to our Sales Team today in the contact details in the footer (bottom of the page you are viewing). 

Please note that we must received 100% of the amount on our Proforma Invoice. We do not accept bank charges/ senders charges and we cannot ship your order unless 100% of the Proforma Invoice value. 

From 1st December 2019 we no longer accept cheque as a form of payment. We only accept card or BACS transfer. If you are purchasing in EURO OR US dollar (USD) please ensure you pay to the correct bank account. 

 Your online is perfectly secure and we transact many sales through our website each week. 

We can also process payment over the phone again using our Sage Pay MOTO service which is also perfectly secure. Note we cannot accept American Express payments




 The 3 methods of integration are;

  • Sage Pay Form : A simple encrypted form submission post from your website to the Sage Pay systems, the shopper is then transferred to our hosted payment pages  for the card details to be securely captured.  This is the most basic method of integration available on our platform with your site only requiring a single post for the transaction to be processed. 

  • Sage Pay Server : The Sage Pay Server method of integration allows you more control over the transactional process than the Form solution.  The Server integration still enables you to have the transactional process hosted on our platform. There is continuous channel of communication open between your site and our platform.  The Server method also enables our vendors the option to implement an “InFrame” into their site which embeds the Sage Pay payment pages on the vendors website.

  • Sage Pay Direct : This solution gives you complete control over the transactional process including the hosting of the card details capture pages.  You are required to undertake complete developmental work of the entire payment process including the security and safety of the details that are captured.


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