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GF Plastic Ball Valves

GF Plastic Ball Valves

Leading brand of Swiss made Thermoplastic Ball Valves, George Fisher Valves now available from All Valves Online


GF 546 Plastic Ball Valves and GF 543 Plastic 3 Way Ball Valves

Whilst not being our primary offering, we can offer competitive pricing on GF plastic ball valves and can offer very competitive pricing on GF Actuated Ball Valves both with GF Electric Actuated ball valves and GF Pneumatic actuated ball valves. We have supplied a number of customers with GF546 and GF543 ball valves. George Fisher valves are considered the highest quality PVC ball valves in the market. As with many brands, if our customer want them, we are happy to supply them. 

We use the GF546 PVC ball valve, GF546 ABS ball valves, GF546 PP ball valves, GF546 CPVC ball valves and GF546 PVDF ball valves with our own GF actuation kit (see accessories section - coming soon) which, when fitted with our AVA electric actuator, makes a competitive GF actuated valve assembly. 

We utilise the GF543 3 way PVC ball valves and other materials for 3 way applications for mixing and diverting installations. 

We will add GF pricing and datasheets over the coming weeks, but if you have a GF (George Fisher) ball valve enquiry today, please do call our sales team. 


* Actuated and Manual GF Ball Valves and GF Butterfly Valves now available, call or email your enquiry today


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