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Process Control Valves

Process Control Valves

All Valves Online offer the angle seat piston valve, the V ball control valve, the pneumatic globe control valve and more process control valves from the biggest brands including Samson, ADCA Valsteam, Spirax Sarco, Burkert and others. 


Used in a wide variety of applications the pneumatic globe control valve with an air diaphragm actuator (or with a linear electric actuator) is available in a variety of body materials, pressure classes, and temperature ranges. With different valve plug designs and internal cages available, a wide range of specific and accurate flow characteristics can be produced, typically linear flow or equal percentage flow, but many others are available.

Generally available as a 2 port control valve for flow control and flow isolation, or as a 3 port control valve for flow diversion or mixing duties, the pneumatic globe control valve is used extensively in a wide range of process control applications. A major use is to control the flow of steam.

The V-Ball control valve is a fairly recent innovation, enabling all the benefits of a 3 piece ball valve with ISO5211 actuator platforms to be used as a pneumatic control valve by replacing the traditional ball with a V ball (a ball with a V shaped bore as opposed to a circular bore) which creates a more linear flow. The advantage of this is economic, V ball control valves are more cost effective than the more traditional globe control valve.

Another cost effective control valve is the angle seat piston valve with bodies in brass, bronze and stainless steel, and air actuators with plastic, aluminium and stainless steel, typically in sizes up to 2". Air actuated ASPV's can be double acting, single acting, and can be fitted with a pilot solenoid valve and an electro-pneumatic positioner


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