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Haitima Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator

Haitima Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator

One of the UK leading offering of Valve Actuation products, offering Electrically and Pneumatically Actuated Valves. 


Haitima Pneumatic Spring Return - Single Acting Actuator

Please make your selection from the list of models listed below. All of the models below are the single acting spring return models within the Haitima range of actuators. 

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Torque figures based upon 5 bar air supply


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Code Name Size Pressure Bore Material Voltage Seal Torque ISO Limit
Type IP Rating Namur Zoning Stock Price Qty  
ACTHTS-52-12 MODEL 052-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 5.9NM In Stock   £105.63
ACTHTS-63-12 MODEL 063-12 SPRNG SR ACTUATOR TQ 10.7NM In Stock   £127.83
ACTHTS-75-12 MODEL 075-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 16.8NM In Stock   £160.56
ACTHTS-83-12 MODEL 083-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 23.7NM In Stock   £189.84
ACTHTS-92-12 MODEL 092-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 35.1NM In Stock   £220.56
ACTHTS-105-12 MODEL 105-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 50.20NM In Stock   £272.13
ACTHTS-125-12 MODEL 125-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 83NM In Stock   £396.30
ACTHTS-140-12 MODEL 140-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 121.90NM In Stock   £641.10
ACTHTS-160-12 MODEL 160-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 178.80NM In Stock   £862.44
ACTHTS-190-12 MODEL 190-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 295NM In Stock   £1173.33
ACTHTS-210-12 MODEL 210-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 406NM In Stock   £1391.22
ACTHTS-240-12 MODEL 240-12 SPRING SR ACTUATOR TQ 636NM In Stock   £2072.19

Stock: Stock available next day = Available for next day delivery Stock available next day = Available on 2-3 day delivery Stock available next day = Factory lead time typically 7-10 days from your order.



General Note:

Please place your order by selecting the valve size you require above. Quantities shown are per box and quantity discounts relate to the number of boxes ordered. (Please note if the item name (description) above does not show a box qty - the box qty is 1. All items are sold as individual items unless specified as a box qty.


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