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Haitima Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator


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Haitima Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator
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Haitima single acting pneumatic actuators, providing mechanical spring return fail safe functionality on loss of air supply, in stock at All Valves Online. 

Haitima Pneumatic Actuators - Spring Return (Single Acting) Actuator

Please make your selection from the list of models shown below. All of the models below are the Haitima single acting (spring return) models offering air open spring close functionality. 

Haitima single acting pneumatic actuators offer as standard, air to open, spring to close functionality. Often referred to as spring return pneumatic actuators, they offer fail-safe functionality as the compressed springs will decompress and turn the Hitima actuator through 90 degrees should the air supply fail. In the standard configuration they can be called 'normally closed', however they can be configured reverse acting to give air to close, spring open, or 'normally open'.

Care must be taken when sizing Haitima spring return actuators as both the air stroke that compresses the internal springs, as well as the initial and final spring torques need to be considered when selecting Haitima actuators. Contact All Valves Online should need assistance when sizing Haitima valve actuators.

Fully compliant with the international standards ISO5211/ DIN3337 for mounting to similarly compliant ball valves, butterfly valves or any other quarter turn valve, and also with Namur and VDI-VDE3845 standards to enable quick and easy fitting of position feedback, monitoring and control devices such as limit switch boxes, pilot solenoid valves and valve positioners.

Manufactured in China, the Haitima pneumatic actuator series is available from stock at All Valves Online in the UK and with large stocks held within Europe, Allvalves can achieve fast deliveries on any sizes or quantities not available from their UK stocks.

Note that from 2020 we have discontinued this range of products. We have limited stock, once sold it will not be replaced. For clearance price and availability, contact our sales team. CLICK HERE for our current range. 


For availability call us on +44(0)1386 553190, email us at or hit Live Chat now

Torque figures based upon 5 bar air supply

TypePneumatic Valve Actuator


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