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Ball Valve

Ball Valve

All Valves Online Industrial Valves

The ball valve range from All Valves covers most of the commonly used materials including brass, cast iron, stainless steel and plastics, generally from stock. 

Ball Valves from All Valve Online

All Valves Online Ltd have spent the last 6 years sourcing and creating relationships with the leading manufacturers from around the world. We have now put together our most comprehensive range of ball valves since we started trading.

Using a mixture of European sourced valves to imports from the Far East, All Valves Online offer a ball valve in almost any material and in many different pressure ratings available and end connections. This section is focused on our Industrial Ball Valve series and consists of manually operated valves.

A ball valve is typically used for applications such as controlling the flow of compressed air, water, or other flowing media compatible with the materials of construction. All Valve Online's wide range of ball valves in various materials include mini ball valves, standard pattern ball valves and ball valves with a special function such as a vented ball valve, de-greased ball valves, lockable ball valves and 3 way ball valves. The range of ball valves available from All Valves Online also includes screwed, butt weld and socket weld, clamp ended & flanged ball valves, as well as a certified gas approved ball valve and a WRAS approved ball valve selection.

A ball valve is intended to control the flow of a given media - often water. A ball valve controls the flow of media by rotating a spherical ball with an aperture (usually circular or v-shaped) inside the ball valve body which allows, prohibits, or restricts the flow of the media depending on the rotational angle of the ball relative to the media. A ball valve is commonly actuated by either a manual lever, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator or a hydraulic actuator.

If you require your ball valve to be supplied fully assembled with a valve actuator, please refer to our actuated valve section.

All Valves Online offers ball valves from many different brands, however if you prefer a specific brand that isn't shown on the Allvalves web site, please contact us for a quotation.

The core brands from All Valves online include:  

Ball Valves

Cast Iron
Ball Valves

Carbon Steel
Ball Valves

Stainless Steel
Ball Valves

  • ITAP
  • RIV
  • RUB
  • Genebre
  • Brandoni
  • Genebre
  • Sferaco
  • ECON
  • Mars
  • Genebre
  • Mars
  • Kingdom
  • Valtec

Types of Ball Valve available from All Valves Online

Full Bore Ball Valve
A full port ball valve has an aperture the same size as the bore of the pipeline, providing full flow and minimal pressure loss of the media as it flows through the valve. A 2 way full port way or 2 way full bore ball valve is used to isolate the flow in pipes.

Reduced Bore Ball Valve
A reduced port ball valve has an aperture smaller than the bore of the pipeline, typically half a pipe size smaller, reducing the flow of the media and creating a pressure drop across the valve as the media flows through the valve. A 2 way reduced bore, standard bore or 2 way reduced port ball valve is used to isolate the flow in pipes.

V-Port Control Ball Valve
A V-port ball valve has a triangular shaped aperture in the ball, allowing linear control of the flow by varying the angle of the V notch in the ball relative to the flow of the media. A 2 way or 2 port V notch ball valve is used to isolate the flow in pipes.

Cavity Filled Ball Valve
In applications that require a high level of hygiene, the cavity around the ball can be filled to avoid trapping small amounts of the flowing media that could later contaminate the pipeline or system. This filler increases the friction, and requires a higher and constant torque to operate the valve. A 2 way or 2 port cavity filled ball valve is used to isolate the flow in pipes.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
A trunnion ball valve is suitable for higher pressure applications as the ball has additional support, typically a lower stem, preventing the ball from being forced against the downstream seat by the high line pressure when in the closed position. The ball seats are spring loaded to ensure a bubble tight seal. A 2 way or 2 port trunnion mounted ball valve is used to isolate the flow in pipes.

3 Way Ball Valve
A three way (or four-way) ball valve can have a L or a T shaped aperture in the ball, allowing multiple ports to be connected at the same time, and are used to change the direction of flow in pipes. Depending on the configuration this can be used to either divert or mix the media flowing through the valve. A multi-port ball valve cannot isolate the flow, they simply change the flow direction when operated.

Types of Approvals available from All Valves Online

ATEX Approved Ball Valve
For use in potentially explosive areas within the EU, a ball valve with ATEX approval conforms to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU with declarations of conformity typically to ATEX II 2 GD and the approval allows their use in various 'zones' of hazardous areas. Read More

WRAS Approved Ball Valve
A ball valve with WRAS approval can be used in the UK to carry or receive water from the public mains water supply. Read More

BSI Gas Approved Ball Valve
A ball valve with British Gas EN331 approval can be used in gas installations in buildings. They are commonly instantly identifiable by their yellow operating levers. Read more


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