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PFA Lined Ball Valves

PFA Lined Ball Valves

Hand picked by the All Valves experts, a selection of some of the best value for money valves from various brands. 


PFA Lined Ball Valves from All Valves Online

Body material is Cast Ductile Iron to ASTM A395 and lined with 3 to 5mm of high grade PFA. The liner is locked to the body via dovetail grooves to ensure positive retention of the liner under vacuum service. The liner is fully compatible with virgin PTFE line piping and is suitable for extremely wide range of industrial fluids at temperatures of up 200 degrees Celsius. The minimum body cavity space reduces potential product accumulation and contamination problems. Metal to metal body joints full control lining compression. Full bore design ensures minimum pressure drop. Face to face dimensions are as per ANSI B.16.5.

The one piece ball/ stem design prevents any ball-stem hysteresis and guarantees positioning of ball in open/ closed conditions. The ball/ stem is made from prevision cast in CF8 stainless steel and lined in PFA. The liner is locked to the ball stem via tie holes. The design of the ball/stem is inherently blow-out proof even under top works dis-assembly.

Valve seat rings are manufactured from virgin PTFE to ensure maximum sealing performance capability. The seats are retained within machined recessed seat pockets away from process flow.

Unique packing system, self-adjusting with permanent loading (stainless steel Belleville springs) PTFE chevron packing provides stem seal integrity while maintaining low turning torque.


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