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Mini Ball Valve

Mini Ball Valve

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Mini ball valves from the All Valves Online experts, a selection of some of the best value for money mini valves from various brands. 

Mini Brass Ball Valve - Miniature WRAS approved brass ball valves

Mini ball valve in brass, providing a compact solution for on-off control typically of air and water

Mini brass ball valves are typically used in confined and hard to reach applications for general service applications such as compressed air, water, and other fluids compatible with the materials of construction of the brass ball valve.

A mini ball valve is usually intended to control the flow of a given media - often water or compressed air. A brass ball valve operates by rotating a ball inside the valve which allows, prohibits, or restricts the flowing media depending on the angle relative to the flow.

Please be aware that mini ball valves are generally intended for use in the fully open or closed positions - depending on application conditions, throttling the mini-ball-valve may result in premature seal failure and/or the inability to turn the ball valve handle.

Here you can select the type or style of the mini ball valve you require.You will then be presented with a page showing the specific ball valve you require, with options to download a data sheet and to place your order on-line.


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