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Plastic Electrically Actuated Ball Valve

Plastic Electrically Actuated Ball Valve

Electric ball valve assemblies with PVC ball valves, ABS ball valves, CPVC ball valves, Polypropylene ball valves and more, specified, built and tested by the valve actuation specialists All Valves Online.


The different materials of plastic ball valves that are readily available allows them to be used in a very wide range of applications from corrosive chemicals to drinking water. Fitted with AVA electric actuators or J+J electric actuators from stock, All Valves offer electric ball valves with a variety of different valve and seal materials that create:

Electric PVC ball valves | Electric ABS ball valves | Electric CPVC ball valves | Electric Polypropylene ball valves | Electric PVDF ball valves | Electric GRPP ball valves

Available as electric 2 way ball valves and electric 3 way ball valves, please select above from the 3 main brands stocked , Hidroten (only manufacture PVC ball valves), FIP (IPEX  in the USA), or CEPEX Extreme, a new page will open offering more selection options that will take you to a product page fro the specific electric plastic ball valve you require.


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