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Product Tech Support - Electric & Pneumatic Valves and Valve Actuators

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Product Support Including IOMs

Wherever practical, we will have a product data sheet available for every product we offer, these are usually available on the main product description page, and on the final online ordering page. For ease, we also offer a searchable directory of data sheets in our Download PDF Datasheet area.

We offer a range of technical product information, including Installation, Operating & Maintenance instructions (IOM's) in either specific or generic form, and as we have a wide range of products, offer the information in a table format for each product type below. For ease, there are product group links immediately below that will take you straight to the product table you are looking for.

Should you be unable to locate the specific information you require, please email us from the 'Contact Us' page with your request and we will email the data sheet to you.


 J+J Product Support

 PDF  J+J Electric Valve Actuator (J4C-S20) Product Datasheet
 PDF   J+J Electric Valve Actuator (J4C-S35) Product Datasheet
 PDF   J+J Electric Valve Actuator (J4C-S55) Product Datasheet
 PDF   J+J Electric Valve Actuator (J4C-S85) Product Datasheet
 PDF   J+J Electric Valve Actuator (J4C-S140) Product Datasheet
 PDF    J+J Electric Valve Actuator (J4C-S300) Product Datasheets
PDF   J+J J4CS Series 20-300 Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions


 AVA Product Support

 PDF    AVA Series 20, 50, 80, 110, 200 & 400 Product Datasheet 
 PDF   AVA User Guide - Firmware Version 11.4 Smart On Off
 PDF   AVA User Guide - Firmware Version 11.4 Smart Modulating         


 Sun Yeh Product Support

 PDF  Sun Yeh OM1 to OM13 Series Product Datasheet        
 PDF  Sun Yeh S Series Product Datasheet        
 PDF  Sun Yeh L Series Product Datasheet
 Sun Yeh OME ATEX Series Product Datasheet
PDF      Sun Yeh SE ATEX Series Product Datasheet


 AVP Pneumatic Actuator and Accessories Support

 PDF    AVP Pneumatic actuator technical datasheet                           
 PDF   AVP Namur Solenoid
 PDF    AVP Safe Area switchbox
PDF    AVP ATEX switchbox



 Valve Product Support Documents

 PDF    Genebre Ball Valve Installation Operation and Maintenance                                                      
 PDF   Genebre Butterfly Valve Installation Operation and Maintenance
 PDF   Hidroten PVC Valve Installation Operation and Maintenance 
 PDF   Cepex PVC Valve Installation Operation and Maintenance 
 PDF   FIP Valves Installation Operation and Maintenance 
 PDF   More product specific support documents coming soon.... 



If you do not have Adobe PDF viewer you can download by clicking on the logo below:-

 Sun Yeh Product Support

 PDF  Sun Yeh OM1 to OM13 Series Product Datasheet        
 PDF Genebre 2102 Gate Valve Sun Yeh S Series Product Datasheet        
 PDF Genebre 2102 Gate Valve Sun Yeh L Series Product Datasheet
 PDF Genebre 2102 Gate Valve Sun Yeh OME ATEX Series Product Datasheet
PDF  Genebre 2102 Gate Valve   Sun Yeh SE ATEX Series Product Datasheet

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