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Pressure Gauge (inHg/ mBar)

Pressure Gauge (inHg/ mBar)

Global brand of industrial process Ball valves in a wide range of materials and types. 


Series 8010 - Genebre Pressure Gauge

Genebre 8010 pressure gauge for millibar/ inH20 readings.

High quality gauge designed for low pressure air measurement, but suitable for compatible liquids. Constructed using 2 x AISI316L concentric welded membranes, with stainless case and laminated glass front. Stainless process connection.

Accuracy        Class 1.  1% FSD to DIN EN 873-3
Ranges         0-25 mbar to 0-600 mbar
Pressure       Static - whole range, dynamic 90% of full scale
Temp             Storage  -40 to +70-¦C
                        Working ambient -20 to +60-¦C
                        Working media   -20 to +100-¦C
Connection    Bottom entry in 316L
Capsule        316L
Zero set         On front of dial
Dai                 White aluminium with duo scale
Needles        Black aluminium
Case             100mm in Stainless steel
Seal Ring      Bayonet type
Window         Laminated glass

Overpressure  1.2 x full scale


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