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Pneumatic Actuator Accessories

Pneumatic Actuator Accessories
actuators and accessories from all valves online

Full range of limit switch boxes, Namur solenoid valves, valve positioners and more, for safe and hazardous areas, available from All Valves Online. 

Pneumatic Actuators Accessories 


 To monitor, control and confirm the position of pneumatic valve actuators, a range of devices are required to be connected to the air actuator, commonly referred to as position control, monitoring and feedback devices. All Valves Online offer a complete range of these pneumatic actuator accessories

 Limit Switch Boxes provide local visual and remote electrical end of travel confirmation using typically mechanical micro-switches or proximity sensors. LSB's are available for safe and hazardous are applications, and with aluminium or stainless steel housings.

Namur Solenoid Valves create electrical control of the pneumatic valve actuator, and direct mount to the Namur ports provided as standard with all of the valve actuators offered by All Valves Online. Generally available in all the common voltages, with 5/2 function for double acting actuators and 3/2 for spring return actuators, with aluminium or stainless steel housings, for safe or hazardous areas.

Valve Positioners provide proportional control relative to an input control signal, typically 4-20mA. The actuator positioner converts the analog input signal into a 3-15 psi signal to control the position of the pneumatic actuator by constantly monitoring the valve actuator's output shaft position. Available with either basic mechanical or smart electronic function, with aluminium or stainless steel housings, for safe or hazardous areas.

Several other devices are generally used to assist these products, such as air volume boosters that byass small internal orifices in positioners to enable faster air actuator working times, air snap acting relays and air lock up valves that control the function relative to air supply changes, and air filter regulators to simultaneously  control and filter the supply air.

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