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J3CS J+J Electric Actuator Series

J3CS J+J Electric Actuator Series

Now superseded, the J3CS Electric Actuator range from one of Europe's leading electric actuator manufacturer, J+J offered 24-240V multi voltage capability in their On-Off, Modulating and Failsafe electric actuator.

J+J, the EU electric actuator manufacturer, released the impressive J3CS electric actuator range in 2015, which introduced a unique multi voltage feature. No longer did the distributor have to worry about which voltage to stock or the customer worrying about applying the incorrect voltage to the actuator. The J+J J3CS series unveilled a universal multi voltage allowing any signal of 24V through to 240V. 

The actuator has an upgraded multi-colour LED status light compared to its predecessor, the J3C series and introduced a green light for open and red light for closed giving clearer indication of the actuator's position and  status. 

J+J's J3C electric actuator range was split between the 24-240V J3CS in Models 20 through to 85, and the J3C series for models J3CH140 and J3CL140 for 140Nm torque output and the J3CH300 and J3CL300 for 300Nm torque output, with the 'H' for high voltage (typically 110-240V) and 'L' for 24V AC/DC. 

The J+J electric actuator series J3CS had a IP67 housing, manual override hand wheel, limit switches, LED status light and electronic torque limiter, among many other features. 

Note below you can see J3C140 and J3C300 actuator models, these will soon be the new S type. 

Make your selection of the above J+J J3CS series from J3CS20, J3CS35, J3CS55 and J3CS85:-

Please note the J3CS series is no longer in production and has been superseded and replaced by the new J4CS electric actuator series








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