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J3C Modulating Actuators

J3C Modulating Actuators

One of Europe's leading Electric Actuator manufacturer, J+J offers multi voltage, multi function On-Off, Modulating and Failsafe actuators. Quality from Spain.


All Valves offer a wide range of modulating electric actuators where the application requires an amount of control over the valve position, usually to control the flow or to set a certain flow rate. 
We offer typically, 3 ranges of electric modulating electric actuators:


J+J - Plug and Play conversion kits allow us to stock flexible stocks and convert standard actuators from 20Nm through to 300Nm from stock. The J+J offers basic modulating functionality via either a 4-20ma or 0-10v signal.
Sun Yeh - this is a different level of modulation with much greater accuracy and feedback via the LED system within the modulating controller. The OM series offers modulating control from 35Nm through to 4500Nm. 
AVA - the new digital position sensing model of the AV Actuator range offers 100% accuracy and digital feedback with no hunting offering for us, the perfect cost effective solution for modulating control. 

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