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Failsafe BSR kit

Failsafe BSR kit
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Factory installed BSR "Battery Spring Return" kit (Normally Closed) for the J&J electric actuated valves. The battery kit is used with our actuators and pre-installed under the actuator cover. There are no separate modules or boxes required. 


 The BSR-NC (Battery Spring Return) system provides an alternative source of power to drive the actuator to a NORMALLY CLOSED (NORMALLY OPEN option available) failsafe position in the event of a main power failure. This is achieved by the use of internal rechargeable batteries which are constantly trickle charged during normal main power operation thereby ensuring that the batteries always have maximum stored power available in the event of a main power failure.

Internal circuitry senses the incoming main power. When the main power is available it is used to both trickle charge the batteries and run the motor, the actuator therefore operates as a normal power open, power close while main power is available. The LED status light is continuously lit.

In the event of main power failure, the battery power is used immediately to send the actuator to the pre-set failsafe position -usually closed (normally closed) but can be open (normally open), if the actuator is not already in that position.

The LED status light will flash once every 3 seconds for 3 minutes to advise the power has been cut. On resumption of mains power, conditional that the actuator control signal remained unchanged, the actuator will reset to the position it saw at the time of the mains power failure, and the LED status light will be continuously lit.

The BSR requires a rest period following the operation under battery power to replace the charge in the batteries used for that operation. This re-charge time varies between actuator models.

Standard operation

Use either 3 or 2 wire system (see wiring diagram) - power open, power close, fails to safe position on main power failure.
Function as described above, LED status light flashes every few seconds for 3 minutes to advise the main power has failed.
Solenoid operation

The BSR can be configured to operate like a solenoid (energise open, fail close or vice versa) in some applications. Utilizing this method requires observation of the minimum re-charge times and other considerations. Consult factory prior to using any actuator in this type configuration.

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