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Ductile Iron Electrically Actuated Butterfly Valve

Ductile Iron Electrically Actuated Butterfly Valve

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Ductile iron electric butterfly valve range selected, built and every assembly tested prior to shipping in the All Valves Online UK valve actuation center.

Electric butterfly valves using a ductile iron butterfly valve are most commonly a fully lugged and tapped design where the electrical butterfly valve mounts between flanges and is secured with stud bolts fitted on each side of the butterfly valve. Because the lugs are threaded (metric threads in DIN butterfly valves, typically UNC in ANSI butterfly valves), the lugged and tapped butterfly valve has to match the flange exactly, unlike a wafer pattern that can mount between either DIN or ANSI flanges.

The ductile iron electrical butterfly valve ranges are available from stock or on short lead times and can be driven by the stocked AVA electric actuator, the Sun Yeh electric actuator, or the J+J J4CS electric actuator.

Every iron electric butterfly valve is built and tested by Allvalves in their UK valve actuation centre.

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