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Stainless Steel Electrically Actuated Ball Valve

Stainless Steel Electrically Actuated Ball Valve

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Stainless steel electric ball valve range including 2 way and 3-way ball valves with a choice of electric actuators, from stock, and every actuated valve is built and tested prior to shipping by the valve actuation specialists All Valves Online.

The AVOL stainless steel electric ball valve range is offered with either a 2 or 3 way ball valve  fitted with an electric actuator and they provide a rugged and reliable, yet economic solution for automatic flow control - typically of chemicals, solvents, paints, water, oils and other media compatible with 316 stainless steel.

Every ball valve used in the range have stainless steel wetted parts which give excellent resistance to internal corrosion from the flowing media and external corrosion resistance from most atmospheres typically encountered in general industry. This provides a durable electrically actuated ball valve that offers excellent value for money.

A 2 way stainless steel ball valve isolates or controls the flow whereas a 3 way ball valve diverts the flow.

All Valves Online offer a stainless steel 2 way or 3 way electric actuated ball valve range - please start to refine your search by clicking the appropriate image above. A new page will open that will offer you a choice of electric actuator types



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