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Pneumatic Process Control Valve | Air Actuated Angle Seat Piston Valve

Pneumatic Process Control Valve | Air Actuated Angle Seat Piston Valve

All Valves Online offer a comprehensive pneumatic angle seat valve range in a variety of body and actuator materials to cover liquid, gas and steam applications.  Every pneumatic piston valve is function tested prior to shipping.


The pneumatic angle seat valve is an air operated linear process control valve that has an angled body to provide the maximum possible flow rate with minimal pressure loss across the piston valve when open. A piston actuator is connected to the valve plug and is available with either double acting or single acting function.

 The piston valve bodies are typically available in bronze or stainless steel with various port sizes, pneumatic piston actuator sizes and materials plus a variety of extra facilities such as a stroke inhibitor, electrical position feedback and even fully modulating angle seat valves.

The design of the valve and materials of construction make the bronze bodied AVOL piston valve well suited to high temperature applications. Options for uprated seals can take the media to 197 degrees centigrade, and steam applications up to 10Bar (9Barg). The durable design provides many tens of thousands of operations before maintenance is required, providing a long and reliable life. The AVOL piston valve is also fully repairable with complete repair kits or specific seals available.

AVOL Stainless steel piston valves are available with various end connection options including BSP, NPT, flanged, RJT and weld ends. The angle seat valves can be supplied in spring return normally closed, normally open spring return and double acting configurations,  and the useful bi-directional anti water-hammer piston valve version.

For regulating flow of gases, liquids or steam the AVOL modulating angle seat piston valve offers a very accurate, reliable and fast acting solution. Using an integral electronic positioner unit the valve can be modulated using either a 4-20mA or 0-10V input control signal. The AVOL piston valve offers one of the most cost effective pneumatic modulating solutions on today's market.

Also available is the AVOL manually operated piston valve. The manual version of the angle seat valve uses a compact hand-wheel which can open and close the valve or allow setting and locking so the valve is perfect for use as a manual flow controller.


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