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Electric Process Control Valve

Electric Process Control Valve

The electric process control valve range from All Valves Online includes the electric globe control valve, electric V ball control valve and the electric solenoid valve.  Every actuated valve is function tested in-house prior to shipping.

Used to automatically control the flow of media in pipes, the electric globe control valve either stops the flow completely, allows it to flow freely, or regulates the flow by partial opening. Typically the globe valve will have its position proportionally controlled using a 4-20mA input control signal generated by a process control device measuring flow, temperature, level etc.

Modern electric globe control valves have complex internal guided cages that can produce vary accurate flow characteristics and resulting flow rates. Generally built to order and taking into account specific media pressure, pressure drops across the globe valve, temperatures and required flow rates, electric globe valves vary hugely in build time and cost. 

The more recently introduced electric V ball control valve offers a pre-set range of V notched balls (30, 60 and 90 degree V notch) typically mounted inside a standard 3 piece ball valve body that give a known linear flow as the V ball control valve moves through its 90 degree open to close rotation. Flow is controlled typically using a 4-20mA input control signal into a proportional controller inside the electric actuator. The AVA electric actuator offers extremely accurate proportional control with its digital magnetic position sensing system and would be Allvalves's first choice to control the V ball control valves.

The electric solenoid valve has been used for decades as an economic electric process control valve, they suit a wide range of media pressures, temperatures and flow rates, and are available in a variety of body and seal materials, sizes and voltages.

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