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Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Electro Pneumatic Positioner

SMC Positioners and Actuator Accessories are sold all over the world, highest Quality from Japan.


All Valves will be specifying the SMC brand of electro pneumatic positioners and pneumatic pneumatic positioners. From safe to ATEX rated products, SMC covers all your positioner requirements. 

All Valves will be adding more products over the coming weeks including the IP5000, IP8000 and IP8001 positioners initially. 

Electro pneumatic positioners are used to allow a control valve function on a pneumatic actuator that is actuating a ball or butterfly valve. Using traditionally a 4-20mA signal, a positioner can give fine control of the positioning of the valve by controlling the air supply to the actuator. Positioners are available as safe area models or ATEX approved for hazardous area use. The SMC pneumatic pneumatic positioner allows control via a 3-15psi air supply rather than  a digital 4-20ma controller. 




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