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Sun Yeh ATEX SE Failsafe Electric Actuator

Sun Yeh ATEX SE Failsafe Electric Actuator


global brand of quality electric actuators from 35Nm to 4500Nm


SE Series of ATEX approved Failsafe quarter turn electric actuator series


The Sun Yeh S series has always been hugely popular as it offers a true mechanical spring return system allowing the actuator to be used an Emergency Shutdown Device. Used all over the world in tube stations, power plants and other critical applications where a battery back up system or UPS isn't reliable enough, the Sun Yeh actuator S series is the perfect actuator for the application. 

To further enhance the offering of the 50Nm to 260Nm series, Sun Yeh have now developed the range to have not only ATEX approval but also SIL rating. 

This adds to the quality of the products and the quality of the actuators produced each year by Sun Yeh. 

The mechanical spring return feature allows fast closing or opening, depending on your requirement, on loss of power. The actuator is available as on off, modulating or of course modulating failsafe. The actuator can be installed with a manual override device which proves a popular option for most customers. 

All Valves have supplied a number of projects for the Sun Yeh S series failsafe actuator and will now look to work with Sun Yeh for years to come with the new ATEX and SIL rated electric actuators on offer. 

Note that whilst pricing is shown, the SE series is not stocked in the UK. Please ask the office for a quote to include shipping from the factory. Note that we can offer Sun Yeh actuators ex works the Taiwan factory should you have competitive rates for import. 



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