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Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve
AVOL Actuated Industrial Knife Gate Valves

Pneumatic knife gate valves from the biggest names in the industry to cover from low cost for general service duties to the highest quality for the most demanding applications.

A knife gate valve employs a flat blade to cut through flowing media that contains very high levels of suspended solids. These types of media would quickly block conventional ball, butterfly and gate valves as the suspended solids would fill valve cavities or wrap around valve balls or discs. Knife gates were originally designed for the pulp and paper industry to handle stringy pulp.

Now available in a variety of materials and a very wide size range, the knife gate valve is seen in most industries and in a huge number of applications.

The linear design characteristics of the knife gate valve are ideal for a pneumatic cylinder and the resulting air operated knife gate valve is compact in terms of face to face dimension, lighter in weight than a conventional wedge gate valve, and offers an economic solution for automatic isolation applications. They are for on-off use only, and are unsuitable for flow throttling applications. Pneumatic actuators are the most economical way of providing an actuated knife gate valve.

All Valves Online offer a range of air operated knife gate valves to cover from cost effective solutions to high quality valves for the most demanding of applications.

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