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Plastic Electrically Actuated Butterfly Valve

Plastic Electrically Actuated Butterfly Valve

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EU manufactured plastic electric butterfly valve ranges in a variety of body and disc materials to suit a huge range of applications, with an electric actuator assembled and tested in-house by All Valves Online. 

All Valves Online offer a wide range of plastic electric butterfly valves employing butterfly valves from three EU manufacturers, Cepex, FIP and Hidroten. Between them, these butterfly valve manufacturers cover most of the different body and disc materials, and sizes, required in the varied industries that the plastic electrical butterfly valves are supplied to.

Cepex manufacture a 'Classic Series' with an all PVC butterfly valve up to 10"/D250, an 'Industrial Series' with a cream color GRPP body up to 12"/D350, and the 'Extreme Series' with a black GRPP body up to 12"/D350. The Industrial and Extreme butterfly valves offer discs in a variety of plastic materials.

FIP manufacture the 'FK Series' which has a white GRPP body up to D400 with a variety of disc materials.

Hidroten manufacture an all PVC construction butterfly valve, and a larger diameter D400 GRPP bodied valve with PVC disc.

With the AVA electric actuator, the J+J electric actuator and the Sun Yeh electric actuator available from stock, Allvalves are able to offer an unrivalled electric butterfly valve range with all assemblies built in-hose by Allvalves in their UK valve and actuation center.

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