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Cast Iron Butterfly Valve with J+J J4CS Electric Actuator

Cast Iron Butterfly Valve with J+J J4CS Electric Actuator

J+J Actuated Industrial Ball Valves

Cast iron electric butterfly valve with the user friendly J+J electric actuator which offers 24V to 240V multi-voltage capability, a multi-color LED status light and all external electrical connecting as part of its standard feature list.

All Valves offer the wafer pattern cast iron electric butterfly valve assembly using the Genebre 2109 butterfly valve from stock. The Genebre 2109 butterfly valve can be used in a wide range of applications with its stainless steel disc and EPDM liner, and as it carries the UK WRAS approval, can be used with drinking water.

The industrial weatherproof J4CS electric actuator is durable in service, and can be offered with on-off, fail-safe with an internal battery back-up system, or modulating functionality as standard, with the standard on-off version being converted to fail safe and/or modulating versions by the installation of function conversion kits.All Valves Online supply the fail-safe and modulating J+J electric actuators with the conversion kits pre-installed, configured and tested.

Every cast iron electrically actuated butterfly valve is built and tested by Allvalves in their UK valve actuation centre. All Valves Online are an ISO9001-2015 approved quality assured company.

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