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Carbon Steel Air Actuated Butterfly Valve

Carbon Steel Air Actuated Butterfly Valve

All Valves Online Actuated Valves

Coming soon - A quality range of carbon steel body pneumatic butterfly valves with soft or metal seats for a variety of pressure and temperature applications, fitted with an AVP pneumatic actuator, built and tested by All Valves Online.

Allvalves offer a range of pneumatic butterfly valves with a carbon steel body in a variety of designs from wafer pattern to fully lugged, double and triple eccentric designs, soft seats to metal seats, high performance versions, all fitted with the AVP pneumatic actuator, built and tested in AVOL's valve actuation center in the UK.

AVP actuators are sized with 6 bar air supply at the pneumatic actuator, should 6 bar not be available please contact All Valves Online to check the valve actuator sizing.

A full range of limit switch boxes, a namur solenoid valve range, valve positioners, air volume boosters, air filter regulators and more are available, visit the pneumatic accessories section here.

Whilst this new section is completed, please contact the All Valves Online sales team or email your carbon steel pneumatic butterfly valve requirement to

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