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EBRO Valves

z011 valve

EBRO valves, a German brand of butterfly valves and stands as a market leader in the industrial valve market place for butterfly valves. All Valves have long chosen EBRO as its number 1 choice for butterfly valves and have worked with EBRO for many years now. Using the Z011 and Z014 range of valves for standard applications, the T211 and T214 for where PTFE lined valves and PTFE coated discs are needed. Finally All Valves are big users of the HP range of high performance butterfly valves. 



All Valves have worked on many AD plants in the UK and always look wherever possible to EBRO as the prefered brand of valves for guaranteed quality and performance. Very much a fit and forget item rather than being a commodity throw away valve. 

t211 valve

We sell the valves not only here in the UK but globally and have a vast array of customers all over the world and the EBRO offers solutions to applications all over the globe. We are proud to sell EBRO valves and represent them here in the UK. 




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