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Compact AVA Actuator 20Nm

Compact AVA Actuator 20Nm

20Nm electric valve actuator offering a compact economic basic actuator and compact smart electric actuator utilising an OLED screen, a magnetic position sensor, an internal timer, a variable speed controller, multiple BUS communication protocols and so much more.

 AVA Series 20 Electric Valve Actuator - 20Nm Valve Actuator

The AVA 20 is a 20Nm smart compact electric actuator from AV Actuators. The AVA 20 is small in size but offers many features. Available in either ABS or aluminium IP67 housing, this electric valve actuator has F03/04/05 x 11mm ISO pad mounting and offers 20Nm output. The actuator in its smart version has an OLED screen giving you actuator position indication (in addition to the standard dome indicator) and offers features such as local control via push buttons, speed control including a 1 second working time option and the ability to set the working angle.

AVA Compact Valve Actuators

Main features

  • 20nm as on/off or modulating function
  • 15nm as failsafe, capacitor driven function
  • Local control acts as manual override in additional to mechanical manual override
  • Speed control, you can set the working speed of the open and close so for example you can have fast opening but slow closing. 
  • OLED screen with menu system
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad for valve automation
  • Modulating Failsafe option
  • RF option for wireless control


Check Actuation Centre for updates with new actuated valves with AV Actuator range. 

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