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Brass Electrically Actuated Ball Valve

Brass Electrically Actuated Ball Valve

Electric brass ball valves for general service and with WRAS approval, electric ball valves for drinking water, built and 100% tested by All Valves Online.

All Valves Online offer 2 way electric brass ball valves and 3 way electrical brass ball valves to take advantage of the good resistance to a very wide range of flowing media that nickel plated brass ball valves provide. Using ball valves designed for actuation with an integrally cast valve actuator mount, Allvalves' electrically actuated brass ball valves offer a compact assembly with a version for general duties such as air, gas, and water, plus a UK WRAS approved version for drinking water.

Using the AVA electric actuator with the direct mount brass ball valves, the overall package size is very small compared to other brands, enabling the AVA actuated vales to be used not only by machine and skid builders, but also for leak detection applications in both domestic and industrial applications, for example.

Please select the electric brass ball valve style (2 way or 3 way brass ball valve) and the electric actuator brand you require from the options above to open a new page with more details on that particular range.

All electrical brass ball valves supplied are built and 100% bench function tested prior to shipping by the actuation specialists at All Valves Online.

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