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Flow Switches

Flow Switches

Global brand of industrial process Ball valves in a wide range of materials and types. 


 Genebre Liquid Flow Switches

Genebre liquid flow switches are operated by a paddle inserted into the pipeline - when flow is present it florces the paddle in the direction of flow which in turn operates a mechanical micro-switch contained in the upper housing.

Genebre offer a flow switch with different electrical enclosures, an IP54 coated steel enclosure or an IP64 galvanised aluminum alloy enclosure. The mounting, paddle and switches are the same in both models:

Pipe connection        1" Brass BSP male (can be installed in pipes from 1" to 8")
Paddle                       Stainless steel
Max line temp            +110-¦C
Max line pressure     10 Bar
Switch rating              220V 10A

Coated steel housing is Genebre part no: 2850
Galvanised aluminum alloy housing is Genebre part no: 2848

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