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FIP VKD PVC Ball Valves

FIP VKD PVC Ball Valves

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Global brand of thermoplastic valves - FIP quality, made in Italy


FIP Series: VKD PVC industrial ball valves series


The VKD DualBlock® ball valve is a fully unionised valve that stands up to the most severe industrial applications. 

  • Size range from 3/8" / d16mm up to 2" / d63mm
  • Pressure rating: Maximum working pressure: 16 bar at 20ºC (PP = 10Bar at 20ºC)
  • Patented DualBlock® system: The locking device ensures the union nuts are retained in position, even under the most arduous conditions: ie. vibration or thermal expansion 
  • Easy removal of the valve body from the pipe system, allowing replacement of the valve seals and seats without any additional equipment 
  • The pipeline downstream of the valve can be disconnected, with the valve in the closed position, without leakage 
  • Patented Seat Stop® ball seat carrier, with micro adjustment of the ball seats and ‘take up’ of axial pipe loads, which can all be done without the need to drain the system
  • VKD ‘style’ ergonomically designed handle with removable ball seat adjusting tool 
  • Possibility to fit an electric or pneumatic actuator with a GR-PP Mounting kit with standard drillings (ISO 5211 F03, F04, F05, F07)
  • Jointing by solvent welding, threaded or flanged connections, or socket fusion


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