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Smart Actuators

smart actuators

All Valves are now specifying and supplying AV Actuators to our customers following the release of the product by AV Actuators Ltd. The AVA brand is taking the valve and actuator market by storm and we know from our discussions with the UK based actuator company that there is interest in this product not only here in the UK and Ireland but also globally. 

The feature list is big with the OLED screen giving the actuator market something totally different to what it has seen before. For so many years the market has been flooded with cheap imports wtih on off function, generally aluminium and just not adding anything to the mix. The AVA takes the rule book and throws it out the window. 

The Series 20 is the leader of the pack with its OLED screen and touch buttons and smaller than a soft drinks can. All Valves have themselves been working with an OEM on a 3 way valve application where we needed to set a 0-270 degree operation. What would normally take a lot of time adjusting mechanical cams, we were able to simply go into the menu system, selected set open position and set the via a push button the actuator to the desired position at a touch of a button! So simply and allows the limit switches to be set at the same time. 

So we really couldn't recommend this actuator range more highly. What is so smart about it you ask? Well we believe that this really is the first true smart actuator in the market and feel that this electric actuator range will be installed on top of ball valves and butterfly valves across the country for many years to come. 

We will be showing the range at Valve World in Dussseldorf in November later this year! Come and see us and see for yourself how smart this actuator is..... 

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