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WB11 Accessories

WB11 Accessories

World leader in Knife Gate Valves, highest Quality, made in Sweden.

Stafsjö Series - WB11&14 Accessories

Here you can find a number of accessories that readily available for Stafjsö knife gate valves, series WB11. This includes the actuator cylinder to enable a WB11 to be converted from a manual valve to an actuated valve, limit switches to give you position feedback and solenoid valves to give you electrical control of the WB11 knife gate valve. 

If you have already purchased your Stafsjö knife gate valve and would like to buy one of the accessories, simply select the product that you need. From the product page you can see the product datasheet and where applicable, installation and / or maintenance instructions. 

If you are looking to purchase your Stafsjö knife gate valve online (WB11 only) then you can the accessories needed and we can ensure they are installed to the valve ordered when dispatching. 


Attachment details for Stafsjö’s knife gate valves

Namur interface for solenoid valves

Magnetic indication for limit switches

The EC cylinder is always supplied with a valve adapter and a gate clevis set for perfect match to Stafsjö’s different knife gate valves. Solenoid valves can easily be installed directly onto the cylinder according the Namur interface VDI/VDE 3845. In this way the solenoid valve-cylinder unit becomes really compact. Up to EC 200 the cylinder comes with a piston magnet as standard and on larger on request. The cylinder barrel has a T groove, which makes it really easy to equip it with magnetic limit switches.

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