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PVC Ball Valves

PVC Ball Valves

Number one for Pools, Spa and Irrigation Plastic Valves - Hidroten, made in Alicante, Spain. 


Hidroten PVC Plastic Ball Valves from All Valves Online 

The incorporation of the Hidroten Netwell system allows them to contribute to the market with a new system of connection valves, with standard handle and lever lock. Each one of the elements which for the valves shown have been designed and developed to succeed in the most strict safety and durability requirements which any application demands. 

Range of PVC T11D PVC ball valves, sizes from DN15 up to DN50 and available with either EPDM or Viton seals. Also available as an automated valve with either electric or pneumatic actuator. See below for options. Valve shown is the bidirectional valve which allows flow through the valve from either port. Actuation brackets also available should you wish to fit to your own actuator. 



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