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Hidroten Range

Hidroten Range

Number one for Pools, Spa and Irrigation Plastic Valves - Hidroten, made in Alicante, Spain. 


We simply couldnt show all of the Hidroten products shown in the 400+ page catalogue so we wanted to create a page that showcased more of the products that just the PVC ball and PVC butterfly valves that we typically sell on a day to day basis. 

We wanted to make our customers aware that we can offer products such as the Hidroten filters, the world famous NETVIC system and Hidroten No Tub system. 

Simply click on one of the images below and it will open the PDF catalogue, locate the items that you require a quotation on and we will be more than happy to send a quote to you. Although we do not stock all of the items shown below we can offer a very quick turnaround on quotation and delivery of the goods shown below. 

All Valves have worked with Hidroten now for over 3 years and specify their products wherever possible;





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