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Hidroten Valves

Hidroten have been supplying All Valves with PVC ball and butterfly valves since the end of 2012 when our first stocks arrive. 4 years on and our relationship grows stronger and stronger each year. The Ten family have created a fantastic product range covering various sizes and valve types since its formation in 1995 in the city of Alicante. A global brand that is primarily installed in the pools, spa's and irrigation markets, All Valves have used Hidroten as their number 1 choice for years. 

Stocking 1/2" through to 4" pre motor ball valves and 2" to 8" pre motor butterfly valves, All Valves are one of the most competitive valve actuator companies in the UK marketplace. 

Also now offering the direct mount 3 way range from 1" to 3", All Valves are looking to become the sole UK agent for Hidroten by the end of 2016. Adding another quality brand to the offering, All Valves couldn't recommend Hidroten enough! 

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