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VXB Angle Seat Valves

VXB Angle Seat Valves

SMC Positioners and Actuator Accessories are sold all over the world, highest Quality from Japan.


All Valves can supply the full range of SMC branded VXB type Angle Seat Valves in bronze and stainless, with the following details being customised to your requirements;

1 - Body material is either bronze or stainless

2 - Orfiice size options available

3 - Standard or high pressure options

4 - Various thread connection types. 

The VXB key features are rich and the following are just some of the reasons you should chose the VXB range of angle seat valves;

1 - 3 milion cycle rated on steam and 5 million cycles on air

2- Low leakage rate

3 - Space saving, 100mm in height offering a compact angle seat valve. 




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