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Gemu Valves

German quality, Gemü is a leading brand of control and instrumentation valves. Sold in over 50 countries. 

GEMÜ Valves and Accessories

The GEMÜ range of valves from the global German brand are available from All Valves Online - Gemü Series 615 Series 655 and more...
All Valves are pleased to offer the GEMÜ range of diaphragm valves and other products from the global German brand. GEMÜ is a leading manufacturer of valves for the process industry since 1964. With more than 400,000 product variations the range is extensive so whilst we dont show the full range, All Valves can quote price and delivery on ANY of the GEMÜ valves and controls that you require. 
Just some of the industries and applications where GEMÜ valves are used include Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Chemical, power generation, water and waste water and many more.
Typical products that All Valves have been selling include:


  • GEMÜ 615
  • GEMÜ 618
  • GEMÜ 620
  • GEMÜ 648
  • GEMÜ 655
  • GEMÜ 671
  • GEMÜ 687

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