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SS SR Axial Valve with Solenoid

SS SR Axial Valve with Solenoid

Global brand of industrial process Ball valves in a wide range of materials and types. 


Series 5062 - Genebre Axial Valve with Solenoid Operator

Genebre 5062 axial valves offer the most compact air operated valve possible, with the air control components and fluid flow components housed within a single body. Ends BSP female.

The all stainless steel construction Genebre axial valve has an internal air operated piston that allows the fluid to flow past it in the open position, but blocks the fluid flow in the closed position. A Namur interface allows Namur pilot solenoid valves to be direct mounted to the Genebre axial valve to provide electrical control.

Function: Single acting NC (air open, spring close)


The Namur interface enables simple field mounting of the economy Namur solenoid to the pneumatic actuator. It is supplied with an easy to fit change-over fittings to adapt between 5/2 and 3/2 functions for double acting or single acting actuators. Manufactured in aluminium, the economy solenoid offers good resistance to mildly corrosive atmospheres. Standard IP65 coil options cover the normal voltages and are supplied with a connecting DIN plug. A screwdriver operated manual override is provided. The economy Namur solenoid is suitable for use in safe areas only. For Ex rated Namur solenoids, contact.

Solenoid Specifications: 

Valve body   Aluminium  
Seals  NBR  
Nominal bore  6mm  
Min/Max Pressure  1.5/ 10 bar  
Temperature range  +5 to +80C  
Ambient temperature  +50C max
Supply voltages  24V DC
24, 110 & 240V AC
Protection Class IP65
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous 


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