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Check Valve | Genebre | Ball Check Valves

Check Valve | Genebre | Ball Check Valves

Genebre Valves

Global brand of industrial process Ball valves in a wide range of materials and types. 

Genebre Ball Check Valves /Non-Return Valves

A ball check valve has an internal ball that is completely free to move. The weight of the ball and the flowing media holds it against the seat to provide the non-return function, reversing the flow allows the ball to move away from the seat into a chamber that allows near full flow.

The advantage of ball check valves is that they offer significantly improved flow rates when compared with traditional swing or piston type check valves because the ball moves clear of the pipe bore when in the open position.

Genebre offers a range of ball check valves, please select from the options below, a new page will open allowing you to download a data sheet and place your order online.


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